Christian Academy School System has just installed pūrGenix’s® advanced ultraviolet air purification systems in both their English Station and New Albany campuses to help fight the spread of germs and create healthier and safer environments for faculty and students to learn, work and collaborate.

Today, more than ever, people have realized that outdated, ill-equipped buildings impact their health and safety. Traditional building air systems were not designed with people’s health and safety in mind, nor were they designed to prevent the spread of germs and disease.

With the help of Lexington-based pūrGenix’s® state-of-the-art ultraviolet light technology, these new systems will purify air, helping kill dangerous germs that are normally left to circulate, untreated, within the schools.

Christian Academy is the first secondary school in the country to install the pūrGenix® technology. With this equipment, Christian Academy will be designated as a pūrBuilding™ – a building with air systems designed to help prevent the spread of germs.

pūrGenix® is one of the nation’s leaders in UV Air Purifcation technology. With over 10 years of experience and more than 600 installations, pūrGenix® has achieved dramatic results in the most demanding environments. Hospitals using the pūrGenix® technology, such as Harrison Memorial in Cynthiana, KY, have risen to be among the nation’s leading hospitals in infection prevention. Since installing the pūrGenix® technology in 2017, Harrison Memorial has seen amazing results, such as zero bloodstream infections, zero surgical site infections and zero cases of hospital-acquired pneumonia.

The key to the pūrGenix® technology is that it helps prevent dangerous germs from circulating throughout the building via the building’s air Handling Systems. Traditional air filtration systems allow germs to pass through – putting everyone at risk. Air handling systems are cool dark, damp places, making them the perfect breeding ground for dangerous germs. Air systems then spread these germs throughout the building, contaminating newly cleaned surfaces.

The pūrGenix® technology uses Ultraviolet C-band energy, which is a high-frequency energy (similar to what protects us in the ozone) that breaks down the DNA or RNA inside germs, killing germs and preventing them from replicating.

With this installation, Christian Academy will provide a safer and healthier environment for students to learn and collaborate.

According to Executive Director Moe Lundrigan, “We’ve always looked at ways to make our physical environment safer, but we did not anticipate this degree of a biological/environmental need. But God did. We hired Steve French as our facilities director, little realizing how important his background would be.”

Steve French brought almost 40 years of facilities management and 30 of those years were in hospitals, including Jewish and St. Mary’s healthcare. With a degree in Biomedical Engineering (from the UofL Speed School), he was indeed in the “right place at the right time.”

“I’ve been familiar with Purgenix’s success in the health field and they became the perfect fit for our larger campuses,” said French. “Combined with personal conduct of our students and staff (masks, social distancing, hand washing and contact tracing), this purification system adds to our levels of safety and precaution necessary in this challenging time. We’re excited and blessed to be able to offer this to our students and staff.”

“At pūrGenix® our mission is to create healthier, places to work, learn, collaborate, and heal. We are excited to help a forward-thinking school like Christian Academy get their students and faculty back in their building safely. Health, mind and soul are important for everyone and Christian Academy made the health and safety of their students and faculty a priority when they invested in becoming a pūrBuilding™” says Sam Perkins, CEO pūrGenix®.