The week of August 21: “We Unify” student groups begin at all of our schools! “We Unify” groups are weekly lunchtime groups of high school and middle school students banding together – strategizing ways to display Christlike love toward everyone in their school. “We Unify” groups are for students who believe all people are priceless (Psalm 139:13-15), who are committed to treating all people as priceless (John 15:12) and who want to help their school reflect the truth that all people are priceless (Hebrews 10:24).

The week of August 28: Biblical Unity apparel will be for sale! Christian Academy students, employees and parents are encouraged to purchase a crew sweatshirt or hoodie, adult sizes XS-3XL (very limited supply of each size), blue or gray, with the phrase “Unity Takes You And Me” or “We Unify” on it. Order forms will be available in the front offices of each school department. And payments (cash or check, $15 for crew sweatshirts, $20 for hoodies) can be made there as well.

Field Trips to Berea, KY: Please be on the lookout for field trips dates for each of our high schools and middle schools to Berea, KY (taking place in late October). On these field trips, we will be visiting several historical locations and will tell the miraculous Biblically unifying stories that took place there. A very limited number of students (likely no more than 20) will be able to attend. So (with parent permission) we want to encourage students to sign up right away (once signups open up), if they want to participate in this inspirational event.

Biblical Unity at Christian Academy Facebook Page: You can stay up to date on Biblical Unity related information by following our “Biblical Unity at Christian Academy” Facebook Page.

Biblical Unity Webpage: Please click here for an overview of our pursuit of Biblical Unity at Christian Academy.