CAL Girls Cross Country Team Takes 1st Place at Private School Championships

Tuesday, October 15th was the date, Seneca Park was the place and the event was the 2019 Louisville Private School Cross Country Championship where the Centurions were ready to rumble. A smaller field of runners lined up for the boys first on a hotter than expected day. Sixty-four runners toed the start line with 3 Centurions crossing the finish line 3.1 miles later in the Top 10 to give CAL 2nd place overall.

The CAL runners were led by Tommy Ott finishing 5th (17:33), followed by Josh Starmer in 9th (17:55) and Cam Tapp in 10th (season best 18:07). The other CAL runners were Matt Rosenbaum (14th, 18:48), Josh Jordan (15th, season best 18:49), Zach Siegel (18th, season best 18:59), Drew Bryan (23rd, 19:30), Carson Guilford (28th, 20:33), Isaac Nelson (32nd, 21:12), Andrew Lampe (40th, 21:554), Evan Surran (52nd , 23:40) and JT Sitlinger (55th, 24:14).

Not to be outdone, the lady Centurions rocketed off the start line and didn’t let up. Five CAL runners placed in the Top 10 leading the team to a 1st place overall finish. The team was paced by Addi Dewey who came in 1st (19:06) with Kaylee Wilson on her heels (19:06) for second. Rounding out the top 10 were Emma Wilkins (5th, 20:35), Janna Leef (8th, 21:08) and Caroline Bobnar (10th, 21:33). The remaining CAL runners were Kaitlyn Bader (12th, 22:07), Macy Stitzinger (14th, 22:07), Abbie White (23rd, 23:50), Ashlyn Clark (37th, 27:17) and Hanna Talbot (38th, 27:45).