6:00 – 2/3 Grade


6:00 – 4/5 Grade 


I have received numerous calls regarding tonight’s (11/5) conflicts with the assessment. We rely on coaches and players to be present for the assessment to be accurate.

I know the frustration caused with moving dates and times around, but it is also necessary for the betterment of the organization of the league sometimes. Because of this, after much evaluation, we need to once again move the assessment for:

4/5 Grade Assessment:  Tuesday, November 6 2012 – Rock Creek- 6pm

I realize this will be challenging for some who have made a commitment to be at evaluation tonight, but we would be doing ourselves a disservice to have the assessment tonight for the good of the league.

I apologize for the moving around of the schedule, and hope this will not entirely upset someone’s schedule. Thank you for your time:

What to expect:

– Boys will dribble, shoot a lay-up, accept passes, shoot longer distance and then a shorter distance.

– They will have time to warm-up

– They are welcome to stay around once they are done with their assessment, or feel free to leave if you have another engagement

– Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing appropriate for basketball
– Boys will go in alphabetical order based on signing up

– Purpose of assessments is to allow the coaches an evaluation period whereby we grade their performance. Once the performance ratings are established, the coaches will work through the kids and established teams as evenly matched as possible.
– Teams will look differently, based on the coach’s preference during the team assignment.
– Coach’s kids are not given preference, as they are equally graded and placed evenly matched based on their abilities

Please direct any questions to me and I will get back as soon as possible, looking forward to a great season!

Kevin Bowers, MDiv
Assistant Athletic Director
Christian Academy School System
English Station Campus
700 English Station Road; Louisville, KY 40245
502-244-3225 ex. 1072; 502-244-3193 Fax