Christian Academy of Louisville Athletes are accomplished individuals who compete at the highest level academically, spiritually, and athletically. Over the past ten years, our student athletes have gone on to play at over 65 colleges and universities in 22 different sports. What is so attractive about our student athletes, is that they are well-rounded individuals with the discipline, character, and training needed to compete at the next level.

I want our athletic department to be a resource and come alongside our student athletes and parents in making the decision to play at the college level. Over the last two years, we have talked to numerous college coaches and have researched various parent resource websites to try and create a specific area to meet several needs of CAL athletes. We now have an “Athlete Profile” section on the Centurion Athletic Website to help meet those needs.

Our Athlete Profiles have three distinctive areas. The “Coaches Resources” is an area where college coaches can find our coaches’ contacts, a profile of the academic standards at CAL, and previous schools that have recruited our student athletes. The “Parent Resources” section provides links to other websites that will help parents with clearing houses, academic testing, and eligibility. Finally, coaches can click on specific sports and see profiles for our junior/senior athletes that provide highlights, stats, contact information and other relevant material.

The athlete profiles are created in partnership with parents, coaches, and our athletic department. If a junior or senior athlete would like to play at the next level, we can help in creating their athlete profile. Once created, you will have the ability to send a link to your profile page to prospective college coaches.

This is our first version and we know as we continue to expand this section we will make adjustments and add additional resources. If you are interested in creating a profile, have suggestions, or any questions, please contact Hollie Foster, Sports Information Coordinator, at or 502-753-4554.

See you at the games!

Darin Long