This weekend starts with a bang at the Elite 5k Showdown being held at Centurion Field on Friday, March 22.  This is a rare opportunity for high school competitors to run 5,000 meters on the track.  Track fans witnessed the fastest boys’ race in Kentucky State History with two runners finishing under the 15:00 mark.  Jacob Thompson (2012 Foot Locker All-American) of Holy Cross ran the best time at 14:49.75.   CAL’s own Hannah Herd won last year’s girls race at 19:24. Overall, 6 competitors last year finished in the national top 40.  You will not want to miss this FREE event.  The first boys’ race (16:50 and above) is scheduled at 7:00 PM, with the girls running at 7:30 PM and the boys’ elite race at 8:00 PM.  Don’t miss this exciting, elite running!

The CAL 6th Annual Harry Greschel Invitational takes over the CAL field on Saturday, March 23rd.  CAL will host and compete with 26 other Kentucky teams, some of which are Ballard, Eastern, Mercy, Holy Cross, KCD, North Oldham, South Oldham, Oldham, St. X, Trinity and Sacred Heart.  Some of the longest throws, highest jumps and fastest runs this year will be on display.  Field events begin at 9:00 AM and running events at 9:45 AM.  Shoes will be collected for EDGE Outreach.  EDGE Outreach is an organization that provides poor communities around the world with clean drinking water and footwear.  Saturday’s gate fee will be $5 adults, $2 children under 12, children 5 and under=free.  Please come out to see some awesome athletics and also to intermingle with fans from other schools in a manner other sports don’t afford with the shuffling of fans from event to event together.  This is such a privileged time to be able to share what bonds the Christian Academy community–Jesus–with the rest of the Kentucky athletics community!

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