To: All Centurion Families

Christian Academy of Louisville is pleased to accept nominations for the Rodman Tabb Spirit Award. (Click here for nomination form.)

Christian Academy School System | Nominations for the Rodman Tabb Spirit AwardMr.Tabb was Christian Academy’s most loyal and faithful fan. His years of dedication, service, and support to CAL as a Guidance Counselor and unwavering support of Centurion Athletics serve as the foundation as we remember CAL’s greatest fan. Rarely could a Centurion athlete compete without Mr. Tabb being in attendance and never could a Centurion athletic contest be held without him knowing the outcome.

The Rodman Tabb Spirit Award was created to honor and recognize supporters, coaches, and participants in CAL Athletics who have demonstrated their allegiance to Centurion Sports through faithfulness, sacrifice, service and Christian values. This award recognizes those who cherish and value CAL Athletics the way Mr. Tabb did – with enthusiasm, joy, love and honor. Athletic competition is based on preparation, dedication, sacrifice and effort and these traits are what help us develop into the servants God has called us to be. Rodman Tabb exemplified each of these characteristics, selflessly giving of his time to encourage and cheer on thousands of Centurion athletes.

The Rodman Tabb Spirit Award is given annually to the supporter, coach, staff member, or athlete who has exemplified the traits that Mr. Tabb taught us in supporting our sports teams.

Nomination Criteria:

  • The award is meant to recognize multiple years of service to Christian Academy Athletics.
  • It is an award of recognition, encouragement, faithfulness, and service.
  • Nominees are submitted to the Athletic Office and selected leaders will review all nominees and make the final decision of the award recipient.
  • Each nomination should include a detailed description of the nominee’s contribution to CAL Athletics.
  • Nominations can be submitted by CAL students, staff, and supporters.
  • Nominations must be submitted to the Athletic Office by January 27, 2014.

The award will be presented at the Senior Night Basketball game on February 18, 2014.

Past Recipients:

2005-06 Rodman Tabb     2008-09 Darci Scott   2011-12 Cindy Anderson 
2006-07 Cary Rice  2009-10 Derrick Dixon     2012-13 Mike Hatfield 
2007-08 Susan West  2010-11 Bill McKinley