CAL athletics would like to welcome Misty Milby-Cochran as the new high school cheerleading coach and Tracy Johnson as the new middle school cheerleading coach.

Coach Misty Milby-Cochran has been coaching cheerleading for six years and has been the middle school cheerleading coach at CAL for the past three years.  She replaces Marletta Firman, who stepped down after leading the program the last three years including, a 2013 7th Region Medium Championship.

“My overall goal for the CAL high school cheerleading team is to provide a Christ-centered, cheerleading program where students have opportunities to grow as athletes, promote school spirit, build lifelong friendships, and give God glory by growing their relationships with Him and exhibiting the attributes of a Christ-centered life. My personal goal is to continue growing the CAL cheer program competitively,” said Milby-Cochran. Milby-Cochran’s CAL middle school team finished 8th at the State Championship in Richmond, KY this year.

Tracy Johnson is a Christian Academy alumnus and cheered for CAL in middle and high school.  She has coached for the CAL intramural cheerleading program, consisting of over 100 cheerleaders, for the past four years.  Johnson will be joined by Joni Collins as the assistant middle school cheer coach.

“My goal is to continue to grow the fantastic program that Coach Firman & Coach Milby-Cochran have implemented in the past several years.  They have taken the CAL cheerleading program to a whole new level and I intend to continue what they have started by following Coach Misty’s lead,” said Johnson. 

Christian Academy of Louisville strives to have God honoring, competitive cheerleading teams at all levels who support all CAL athletic teams.