We are pleased to welcome Toby Wilcox as our new head boys’ soccer coach.

Coach Wilcox was the CAL assistant boys’ soccer coach for four years and was a member of the 1987 and 1988 State Soccer Championship teams at Ballard High School. Wilcox went on to play soccer at Clemson and Indiana University. He later returned to his high school alma mater to coach the Bruins to another State Championship title in 1993.

“I love soccer. I love the competitive nature of it and have had a huge passion for the sport since I was a little boy. I especially like that it’s a ‘thinking man’s game’…it’s more than just physical, it takes creativity to play as well,” said Wilcox.

CAL Director of Athletics, Brad Morgan said, “We are excited that Coach Wilcox will be joining our staff of varsity coaches at CAL. His vision of capitalizing on our strengths at CAL will continue the rise of our boys’ soccer program.”

“I am super excited to be at CAL and a part of the soccer team,” said Coach Wilcox. “I’m optimistic about the team we have returning and I’m looking forward to playing an attractive style of soccer.”