The varsity field hockey team won their second straight regional championship on Thursday night against the Ballard Bruins. Before making it to the championship game, the number one seeded Centurions had to defeat the South Oldham Dragons, which the ladies did in spectacular fashion on Tuesday night. As soon as the starting whistle blew, CAL’s offense took control, and Jacqueline Wilkins put in a great shot to make the score 1-0. A scoring frenzy continued, and before the half Wilkens scored another, Taylor Curran scored two, and Allie Grace Joyner and Claire Thomas each put in one of their own, putting the halftime score at 6-0. The second half brought more scoring action, with Curran putting two more in the cage, Sarah Young scoring one and Katie Jenkins putting in the final shot to end the game at 10-0. The following regional game between Ballard and KCD ended with Ballard coming out on top, setting up a repeat of last year’s regional championship between the Centurions and the Bruins.

Seeking to keep their regional title and wanting to avenge an overtime loss to Ballard earlier in the season, CAL took to the field focused and ready to win on Thursday night. With Ballard being this year’s host site, the Bruins had packed their stands with supporters, but all the Bruin pride in the place couldn’t shake our girls’ resolve and determination to win. The next 60 minutes of play brought out every bit of talent and teamwork CAL has developed throughout the season, and strong offensive skills and a resolute defense were what allowed the Centurions to come out on top. A back and forth offensive duel took place throughout the first half, with the score at halftime being 0-0. Coach Stanley Pulphagar’s remarks at halftime encouraged the girls to go out and get the job done, and early in the first half Allie Grace Joyner had success putting the first goal on the board after a fantastic pass by Jacqueline Wilkins. CAL’s offense kept at it, and after several missed shot attempts, Wilkins found herself one on one with the Ballard goal keeper and went in for the score. After the shot was blocked by the Ballard goal keeper Joyner was right there to follow up with shot number two, and her successful hit put the ball in the cage. CAL now led Ballard 2-0, and the Bruins tried to mount an offensive assault of their own. This is where the CAL defense went to work, blocking plays with all their strength and keeping the Ballard offense out of the CAL goal no matter what it took. Throughout the game, goal keepers Allison Edlin and Sam Minrath each had 8 amazing saves, and defender Brooke Jorgensen had 9 blocks, along with Laurel Dortch and Claire Thomas having 4 each. Defenders Savannah Moore and Rachel Proffitt also had outstanding performances, with midfielders Sarah Young, Morgan Weiss and Jamie Wright doing a great job moving the ball up to the forward offense. Alex Hill, Taylor Curran and Katie Jenkins all helped to keep the offense moving, and Mac Mellen was great pushing the ball down the field so the offense could do their job. This win was an absolute team effort, with each player bringing all their talent and intensity and leaving it all out on the field. When the buzzer sounded, a well deserved celebration ensued, with All Tournament Team recognition going to Allison Edlin, Sam Minrath and Brooke Jorgensen. Next stop is the first round of the State Tournament!

On Saturday the ladies took to the field at Bellarmine University for the semi-finals of the state tournament. The Amazons of Collegiate were ready to avenge a regular season overtime loss to CAL, and despite being a number one seed, the Centurions knew they couldn’t take a win for granted. After a shaky start the team settled in to an offensive rhythm and Jacqueline Wilkins had a great pass to Allie Grace Joyner for the first score on the board. At the start of the second half a heavy downpour of rain arrived, and both teams struggled to complete passes and take shots. Collegiate capitalized on a corner penalty play and tied the game up with a high shot, and within the first nine minutes of the game they had pulled ahead after a sloppy shot made its way into the CAL cage. The Centurion offense went to work, with Joyner, Wilkins and Taylor Curran each taking over 10 shots on goal, but nothing would connect to tie the game. With one minute left in regulation, CAL knew it was now or never, and Jacqueline Wilkins again sent in a perfect pass, this time to Curran who made it count, tying the game at 2-2 and sending it into overtime. A 10 minute, 7 versus 7 sudden victory period ensued, and after nine minutes the game was still tied 2-2. Collegiate had one corner play, which was blocked with an incredible save by Allison Edlin. After two back to back penalty corner plays, Jamie Wright sent a fantastic pass to Claire Thomas, who was perfectly placed at the post and put in the winning goal. It was a fight to the finish, and CAL now heads to the quarter-finals of the state tournament for only the second time in school history. This is our time! GO CAL!