Away from the court, both the ladies' and men’s tennis teams had the opportunity to volunteer and make a big impact on small community. A BIG thank you to Coach Matt Mathes, Coach Jessica Altman and the entire HS Tennis Teams for their help with the an outreach event Sat, 4/15! The Easter celebration couldn't have turned out any better, with great weather and beautiful people.

The ministry I.C. IT (In Christ I Trust) is a fairly new nonprofit organization, ministering to underserved children and their families. I.C. IT has been putting on events in a small community for the last 18 months and have built a personal and spiritual relationship among families who live there. It’s such a blessing to see the children running around and playing with our CAL students!

The ministry is led by Todd and Anne Bradshaw. For more information on I.C. IT, please visit our website: