Our mission at Christian Academy is to "Develop students with a heart for God…"  I'm going to stop there because I want to focus for just a second on the first seven words.  In order to help our children develop a heart for God, we need to help them see with the eyes of the Lord which includes eyes of compassion for the lost, broken, and unreached.  With these thoughts in mind, did you know that the most recent homeless census counted 6,737 homeless people right here in Louisville?  That means that 6,737 sons and daughters are alone and sleeping on the streets at night in our town.  This number is devastating.  Not only are they homeless but on those bitter cold nights they are sleeping on the streets often times with no winter coat, no hats, and no gloves.  I'm confident that we as a family, with they eyes of compassion from the Lord, can do something about this.  

Starting today, October 5, through Wednesday, October 24, you and your children will have the opportunity to give back.  All over campus you will notice large blue bins where you can donate your items.  We would love for you to donate new or gently used coats (of any kind), hats and gloves/mittens to these bins.  At the end of collection, we will donate all of the items to the Lost Sheep Ministries which exists to serve the homeless through meals, clothing and the Gospel every week.  

Please also note that if you have warm clothing like hoodies or sweat pants we'd love to take that as well.  Please use your discretion as to what you donate as this is not a drop off for unwanted clothing but rather our opportunity to clothe and warm those who need it the most.  

Elementary Location: Outside Elementary Office (Blue Bin)
Middle School Location: Underneath the TV Near the Gymnasium (Blue Bin)
High School Location: Outside High School Office (Blue Bin)

Thank you for partnering with us to help Louisville stay warm this winter.