We are so excited that Senior Carnival is back this year (Friday, October 15)! After a hiatus due to COVID, the Carnival is here, safe and better than ever. For those new to Christian Academy, the Carnival is a special day of fun and food hosted by our senior class (this is their main fundraiser) out on the great lawn for all CAL families.

This year ticket ordering will be online! Please click here for the Carnival website with complete details.

NOTE: We do not schedule specific Carnival times for our Junior Academy classes, but we would love to have you attend Carnival using the following guidelines:

  1. Any Junior Academy student must be accompanied by an adult that is solely in charge of the child.
  2. Any Junior Academy student attending Carnival must go home following the Carnival. They may not go back to their classroom after attending Carnival.

The Class of 2022 thanks you in advance!