Thank you for all you do for our school. We need your help more than ever before to raise the resources needed to operate our schools. The reason we have a $400,000 need is because we strive to keep tuition costs reasonable and affordable to ALL IN! our community.

As you think about how your family will participate in this year’s ALL IN! campaign, please think about all the great teachers we have across all our campuses. Here is just one example, Morgan Longtine at our English Station Campus.

“Morgan is an exceptional teacher in every way. She was my student teacher six years ago, and I could tell from the first day that this girl was born to be a teacher. Everything came so naturally to her! Morgan has now been my teammate for five years and she is definitely a team player! She offers to help quickly, she carries more than her share of the load and she shares all her wonderful ideas willingly. As a teacher, she is everything a student needs and a parent wants. Morgan is intelligent and compassionate. She is a whiz with technology and makes things relevant to her students. She goes over and above to craft fun, engaging lessons, and she does everything with a sense of excellence. Above all else she has a heart for God and a desire to lead all her students to know and love Him more. Her greatest desire is to infuse biblical truths into her everyday conversations with her students and others, so they will grow closer to God and serve Him well. This year, she was asked to teach the Virtual Academy, had only three weeks of preparation, and has done a beautiful job getting it up and running smoothly since the start. Her technology skills, combined with the understanding of how to deliver quality instruction to her online students, makes her the perfect choice for this new position. If you truly want to have someone who is ALL IN! for Christian Academy, you need to look no further than Miss Morgan Longtine.”

You can give online or send in your pledge card when you are ready. Please help us meet the needs of our school. We are asking you to please be “ALL IN!

Thank you and God bless you and our school!