Christian Academy School System | Christian Academy of Indiana | Honoring Sandra Anderson Ragan | April 10

In recognition of Mrs. Ragan’s unwavering dedication and exemplary service to Christian education, we are organizing an event to celebrate the profound impact she has had on our school community. This occasion is not only a tribute to Mrs. Sandra Anderson Ragan’s leadership but also an opportunity for us to reconnect, share cherished memories and express our gratitude for the lasting legacy she has left on our school.

If you have pictures with Mrs. Sandra Anderson Ragan from her time at Graceland Christian School or Christian Academy, please email them to

The evening will be filled with heartfelt speeches, nostalgic reflections and a special presentation to honor Mrs. Sandra Anderson Ragan’s contributions to our school’s growth and success. We believe that your presence will add to the significance of this event as you are an integral part of our heritage.

Please RSVP Here by April 3, to confirm your attendance.

We look forward to welcoming you to Christian Academy. We hope you will join us as we surprise Mrs. Sandra Anderson Ragan.