Christian Academy School System | Christian Academy of Indiana | Teen Girl Squad
Hello there, everyone!

Mrs. Shouse here… and I made something … !

I am SO excited the school has allowed me to start this event (event based club) – which will happen once a month. I am pumped to be able to use my gifting and my platform to invest into ladies within my reach. This is for girls 13 and up (hence the name TEEN girl squad).

Girls do not have to be only from CAI either. Girls are allowed to invite friends from other schools. In fact, I encourage it! I don’t ever want to give out too many details about what the event will look like because it will also be different each month. But what I can tell you is this – there will be fun, there will be food, there will be friends new and old, and Jesus will be a part of all of it.

I highly encourage you to be a part of it! RSVP is mandatory to attend, since I will have to know exactly how many supplies to get and how much food to have.

You can find us on social media (instagram) at @teengirlsqd and our website which has our rsvp is

Minimal cost will be required for each event, just to cover all the supplies and food.

I am SO excited for our first one, August 30! RSVP by Aug 23.