To all of Warrior Nation – CAI Athletics wants you to know that we are praying for you during this time. From our athletes, to our families, to our coaches and our teachers – we know this is a difficult time for everyone. Even us here in the athletic office find this to be such a strange time. We miss seeing the athletes every day. They provide us so much energy and purpose so we miss seeing their faces for sure! However, we do know two things: we are truly "all in this together" and God's got this! 

During this time, we aim to provide encouragement as well as honor our student-athletes in the best way we know how! In light of that, we invite you to check out our weekly Warrior Updates on the website here. They summarize some of the things we are up to on social media. If you haven't yet, you should follow us on Twitter and Instagram at CAWarriorNation.

As always – GO WARRIORS!