Thank you for all you do for our school. As you have heard many times, the cost of tuition and fees simply does NOT cover the entire cost to educate our students. That is why we have an annual campaign called our ALL IN! campaign and this year has been like no other in our history. We need your help more than ever before to raise the resources needed to operate our schools. The reason we have a $400,000 need is because we strive to keep tuition costs reasonable and affordable to ALL IN! our community.

As you think about how your family will participate in this year’s ALL IN! campaign, please think about all the great teachers we have across all our campuses. Here is an example from our Indiana Campus, Kristi Richards.

“She has gone WAY above and beyond duty to make sure the students can benefit from special area classes. She comes up with unique ways and systems to make things work for the kids. Because of their traveling nature, they are exposed to more students and are at more of a health risk in these times. I really truly admire the huge effort she has made on behalf of our kids!”

You can give online or send in your pledge card when you are ready. Please help us meet the needs of our school. We are asking you to please be “ALL IN!

Thank you and God bless you and our school!