Due to the worsening weather forecast for Friday, October 15, we are rescheduling Carnival for Monday, October 18!

Why is this our decision? 

  • The CAL principals had already decided they did not feel comfortable this year with our previous Carnival “weather plan” of moving to the gym. It is not worth a COVID outbreak.
  • The forecast is worsening, not improving.
  • If we make the decision today, we can move all of Carnival – food and all – to Monday. It will be exactly like it would have been on Friday.
  • This gives all involved (you, your children, teachers and seniors) more time to adjust.
  • This is the first experience of Carnival for many of our CAL families and we want it to be as positive and enjoyable as always.

How long can we buy tickets? 
All ticket sales will cease at 3:30 p.m. this Thursday, October 14, as planned.

Can we purchase tickets the day of the Carnival?
Yes! We have a table set up for that at Carnival. You can only pay check or cash then.

When will my kid(s) get their tickets?
If purchased by the Thursday deadline, they will get them Monday from their class teacher before they go to Carnival.

What about lunch on Friday?
Cafeteria lunch Friday will be what was scheduled for Monday: Mini corn dogs, Carrots w/dip, Peaches, Cookie.

Can I use tickets in the cafeteria?
Never. Only cafeteria accounts.

Does the Carnival schedule stay the same?
Yes. It is exactly the same as the original schedule.

Can I still go to Senior Carnival with my child?
Absolutely! We hope you do!

Remember, the Carnival website is the best way to get information and order tickets!

Thank you for supporting our senior class and for being flexible!