Can you believe another great year at CAI is almost over? Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in educating and loving your children. It is time to wrap up courses and that means final exams and the return of textbooks. 

All the information you need will be coming by email from the Media Center beginning May 3. The emails will show all library books, fines (incurred during the year for copies, late books, lost books, etc.), textbooks and Chromebooks currently checked out to you. Your student is expected to return the materials that match the barcodes in the email.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us collect all resources in a timely and smooth manner. Any item checked out which is not turned into the Media Center by May 23, will incur a nonrefundable fee equaling the total of the item(s) not returned and fines not paid, even if the items are returned after this date. This fee will appear on FACTS and will trigger grades and transcripts to be held until the balance is paid.   

Textbooks are always collected during the week of finals. Before each final in May, students should check in that textbook to the Media Center. Students will leave the textbook with Mrs. Tibbs in the library and she’ll make sure the book gets to its correct location. 

Please Carefully Review the Following Guidelines for Textbook Return

  1. Damaged Textbook: If the textbook is damaged in any way, (ripped pages, water damage, etc.) your FACTS account will be charged the replacement value of the textbook. Do not order a replacement book through Amazon. We have special rates and binding and need to make sure the correct edition will be purchased.
  2. Lost Textbooks: Students MUST return the textbook that was assigned at the beginning of the year. There is a barcode on the cover of the book that should match the barcode in the emails sent to the student’s “” address. If the textbook is lost or has the wrong barcode, you will be billed through FACTS, triggering a hold on grades and transcript. You must either return the book by May 23, or pay the replacement value to release the hold.  
  3. Clean: Please remove all papers and book covers prior to the turn in date.  

Thank you!